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Chris Taylor - Test Pilot

Chris Taylor - Test Pilot

May 23, 2022

In this episode, I talk to Chris Taylor - a military and civilian test pilot about his background and the fascinating world of test flying.

Chris has flown and tested so many types both military and civilian that it was hard not to talk for hours!  From helicopters to biplanes and everything in between, Chris recounts how he started his career in the Royal Navy and how he has gone on to test a wide variety of civilian types.

Chris has also just published a book - "Test Pilot, An Extraordinary Career Testing Civil Aircraft" which is a great read for any aviation enthusiast.  You can find it on Amazon and in lots of other outlets.

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Aviation Psychology with Paul Dickens

Aviation Psychology with Paul Dickens

April 14, 2022

Join us on this fascinating podcast where Paul Dickens and I discuss aviation psychology and how it affects our life as pilots.  Paul is a qualified aviation psychologist and really is a subject matter expert.

We chat about pre-employment testing, peer support and how the attitude to mental health and well being has changed in the aviation industry.

It's a fascinating insight into how pilots are selected and the similar traits we all have (some good, some not 😉).

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Core Aviation Psychology 

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Women at 36,000 feet with Kathryn Vinclaire

Women at 36,000 feet with Kathryn Vinclaire

March 7, 2022

In episode 8 of the Busy Aviation Podcast, I talk to Kathryn Vinclaire of Flight Path Productions about her upcoming film, "Women at 36,000 feet".

Kathryn is a film-maker, professional voiceover artist and also a passionate aviator.  During our chat, we talk about her love of all things flying but also how there are still barriers to women entering aviation.  Kathryn gives us some fascinating insights into why women find it harder to enter the profession gleaned from many of the interviews her company have completed in the run-up to launch.

Film making is not cheap and getting a starter project like this off the ground takes a lot of funding.  If you would like to help, please take a moment to subscribe to Flight Path Production's newsletter here.

It was great fun and really interesting talking to Kathryn (and cat...) and I wish her all the best for the film.  If you are an aviation business looking for a new audience or customer base, podcasting is an awesome way to get your business message out there but also to have fun and entertain at the same time.  If you would like to appear on the Busy Aviation Podcast, please get in contact by visiting our website here.

I hope you enjoy the episode and thanks for listening!

Leading from the Jumpseat with Peter Docker

Leading from the Jumpseat with Peter Docker

February 12, 2022

Peter Docker is an accomplished aviator but also a teacher, presenter and author.  Peter spent 25 years in the Royal Air Force rising to the rank of Group Captain and commanded a frontline VC10 squadron.  Peter has used his aviation and senior management experience to teach leadership that is focused on commitment and human connection.

peter_docker.jpgIn his latest book, "Leading from the Jumpseat" Peter lays out how important it is to hand over control and uses many practical aviation examples to demonstrate this most important management skill.  Quite moving in places, Peter's style is one of humble confidence, a phrase he uses to illustrate one of the tenets of his management style.

In episode 7, we talk about Peter's experiences gained whilst in the RAF but also his wide-ranging industry experience since leaving including time spent working alongside business guru and coach,  Simon Sinek.  It's a fascinating journey and I for one gained so much from Peter's insight into management plus some excellent aviation moments - I hope you do too!

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Women in aviation with Anja Eriksen

Women in aviation with Anja Eriksen

November 24, 2021

In episode 6 we talk to North Sea offshore helicopter captain, Anja Eriksen about her journey to becoming a commander in one of the most challenging environments to fly a helicopter in the world.

We cover the following topics and sometimes a bit more!

  • Anja's career path
  • The hurdles to becoming an offshore helicopter captain for women
  • Getting more females interested in an aviation career
  • The role of Crew Resource Management (CRM)
  • Mental wellbeing for pilots
  • Life, the universe and everything - listen and you will see what I mean!

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Farm Strip Flying with Matt Coles

Farm Strip Flying with Matt Coles

October 9, 2021

If you are looking for your next aviation challenge then tailwheel flying in and out of farm strips has to be an exciting new endeavour.  Today, we are joined by Matt Coles from Farm Strip Flying who talks to us about tailwheel and grass strip aviation.

Some of the topics we discuss with Matt include:

  • How Farm Strip Flying started
  • What aircraft Matt uses and why
  • The challenges of tailwheel flying and the rewards
  • Matt's flying career and a little bit about the mighty 747
  • Encouraging youngsters into aviation
  • Matt's view of the new aviation stage

Listen in while we conjure up images of days gone by when Piper Cubs floated serenely above the English countryside.  Think hazy, sunny evenings with farm strips surrounded by hay stacks and local pub serving warm beer!

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Hazardous Attitudes by Busy Aviation

Hazardous Attitudes by Busy Aviation

September 5, 2021

In Episode 4 I talk about our own personal attitude to aviation safety and how some of our traits could be hazardous to us and others.  I look at how to avoid letting these traits define a poor outcome.

I also mention Angle of Attack's podcast and Chris's explanation of his 10 Aviation Commandments - serious stuff but fun!

I finish with a round-up of aviation snippets that have caught my eye recently, in particular some articles by AvWeb's Paul Bartorelli and a quick chat about Zara Rutherford's Fly Zolo round the world flight in a Shark ultralight.  I ask about drones and conflicts with GA and your experience/concerns - please use the podcast comments or drop us a line on the website.

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GA Threat & Error Management by Busy Aviation

GA Threat & Error Management by Busy Aviation

August 6, 2021

In this episode I talk about how Threat & Error Management (TEM) can be applied to General Aviation and light aircraft leisure flying.  We look at:

  • Threats
  • Errors
  • Undesired Aircraft States (UAS)
  • Countermeasures

I apply these principles to a flight in a Van's RV3 from Perth (EGNT) to Norwich (EGSH) in the UK and how I use TEM to hopefully keep safe.

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Should I Start Commercial Flying Training by Busy Aviation?

Should I Start Commercial Flying Training by Busy Aviation?

July 4, 2021

Is now a good time to start a commercial flying training course?  The pandemic has changed everything but should you still follow your dream?  We take a few minutes to discuss the pros and cons.

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Light aircraft buying guide by Busy Aviation

Light aircraft buying guide by Busy Aviation

June 17, 2021

Our hints, tips and advice for buying your first light aircraft.  Learn from our mistakes! Download our FREE guide here!

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